St. Helena Images Project: SHIP

In 2008 I was awarded a grant from the Government of SH to work with the Museum of St. Helena to conduct the Saint Helena Images Project. The projectÕs goal was to create a photographic record of life on this unique and isolated island on the cusp of change. Originally intended to record life before construction of the islandÕs purposed first airport, we found out that whether or not an airport is ever built, things are changing for St. Helna. The island has lost one third of its population since 1999 and according to their Health and Human services Department. If this trend of emigration continues the Saint Helenian society and culture will cease to exist within 25-30 years. In effect a people group will become extinct. I was fortunate enough to be able to have my family travel with me and this is the story of our journey.

We are thankful to everyone at The Saint Helena Heritage Society, The Museum of Saint Helena and the Government of Saint Helena for making the Saint Helena Images Project possible.

Additionally, we are deeply grateful to the people of Saint Helena for sharing their island and their stories. It would be impossible to ever forget their generosity and hospitality.